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Use this section to talk briefly about YOU!

Start from the beginning with a simple paragraph about where you are RIGHT NOW in your life and business. What are your core beliefs that have helped you succeed? What do you think makes you different from others in your niche?

You can add an additional paragraph about what you want to do for your clients/customers. How do you want to impact them and overall, what type of impact do you want to make on the rest of the world? Do you have a fun slogan or tag-line that you think they would resonate with? If so, put it here.

My Story / Hero's Journey


In the beginning

Use this section to talk about where you were BEFORE you started learning about how to help your clients and developing the skills necessary to do so? Maybe you were in a job you disliked or a relationship that you knew deep down just wasn't right for you. What was something you really deeply desired internally and externally but it felt just out of reach?


And then..

This is where you faced your biggest obstacle. There was something challenging that happened that changed EVERYTHING in your life. What were some of the unwanted emotions/behaviors/feelings that ultimately lead to pushing you to threshold. You knew something had to change, it had to be YOU, and it had to be right now. Describe it using Visual, auditory, kineasthetic language. Be vulnerable. Really connect with yourself and your audience will connect with you too.


My Breakthrough

What was YOUR "Ah-Ha" moment. What was the epiphany that caused the breakthrough for you? What was the plan you used to get started with this change that you knew had to happen? What skills or habits did you learn? What habits or behaviors did you have to stop doing in order to achieve success? What were some of the big life lessons that you discovered? What was your insightful moment?


My Specific Accomplishment / Where I am Today

How did you overcome the challenge and turn it into the reality you have TODAY? What did you do with all the lessons and knowledge you gained from the obstacle and breakthrough? Who have you helped and what specifically did you help them with? What is it that you achieved? What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in this journey? What certifications / degrees / diplomas have you earned? Looking back at the beginning what is the ONE thing you want your audience to understand about your journey that they can learn from?

What I believe

  • Use bullet points to list out some of your biggest beliefs around your success and accomplishment that your core audience will resonate with

  • For Example: If you are a stop smoking specialist, what do you believe about smoking that will help your audience understand that THEY can quit too?

  • What do you believe about human potential?

  • What is a common misconception about your specific niche / industry you want to debunk?

  • What do you think is the ONE belief that, once your client learns themselves, that will change everything for them in their life?

You Really Can Be/Have [desire / want ]

We are all not that different

Use this section to address concerns someone might have about YOU - which they think makes you unique, special, or have super powers? Explain to them that you are just a person. You are human just like them and if YOU can do it, so can they. It doesn't take magic or mystical wisdom to achieve success and victory.

Are you ready to find/discover/unlock your [desire / want ]?

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